Golfing Operations Is Still Big Business

golf operations

Golfing operations have never been clear, cut and dried. The golf operations have never been a simply matter of just taking care of the fairways and the clubhouse. There is a lot more at stake as any club manager or chairman would testify. Who knows how many golf courses are currently in operation at this time? It might be generally quiet for now, any industry – and golfing for one is a big industry, a multibillion dollar industry across the board – will experience its seasonal slump.

Call it an off-season. It would, however, be the perfect time to curate the lawns and surrounding greenery while the fairways are relatively quiet. It is also a good time to water the greens, particularly if the golf course is located in a dry area. But doing all this, and more, costs money, lots of it if the club manager is arranging for it to be done properly. Many clubs don’t get this much right under the guise of not having the budget to do so.

But professional golf course management consultancy work could help put matters right. Look at it this way. This is work that needs to be done. It should be at the top at the list of any club board’s annual general meeting. Don’t do the work that is necessary and you’ll end up losing further work. Golfers do not like playing on links that are as dry as a bone. They need the surrounding atmosphere typical of a flourishing golf course.

And would you believe that there are those players who do not mind risking limb and worse through having the presence of one or two placid-looking alligators to negotiate. But that’s a bit much. Rather leave the negotiating work to the pro golf consultant then.