The Top Compliments You Should Be Giving Your Cam Girl of Choice

"Complimenting her will make her feel good"

“Complimenting her will make her feel good” 

Webcam sites are a great alternative to hooking up with women in person. You get to interact with a woman, even if it’s over the Internet, without having to worry about most of the stress that comes with meeting up in person. However, one thing that you can never really avoid is compliments. You want to be able to make her happy so that she will do whatever you want, and the best way to do this is by complimenting her to make her feel good about herself. While you may be able to get a fairly good show without complimenting her, you can definitely make the show much better by taking the time to make her feel good about herself. You can avoid live sex cam site scams in part by building up a friendship with the cam girl of your choice; this way you will have a good sense of what you can do with her. However, it’s not always easy to know what you should be telling a cam girl in order to compliment her. After all she’s already getting naked in front of the camera for you, so it’s not easy to know where to go from there. With a little help from this guide, you should be well on your way to giving the best compliments possible in order to make the cam site models as happy as possible.

Why You Should Be Complimenting Her to Begin With

"Your compliment will make her feel confident"

“Your compliment will make her feel confident” 

It might seem like you can get away with not complimenting a cam girl. After all, you don’t need to make her really like you in order to get her attention. You already have it, since you’re part of her audience and she has to pay attention to you at times. You might even think that she doesn’t need to hear compliments. However, compliments can help a girl feel good about herself. You might think that a girl who is comfortable enough to get naked on camera doesn’t need anyone to help her feel good about herself, but that’s not often true. A girl who models on cam sites might actually still be quite self-conscious. Taking the time to compliment her about her body and her show will help her feel good about herself and it can only make her performance better for it.

Besides making her feel good, compliments also make her like you more. The more she likes you, the more she will be willing to do for you. you can’t just walk up to any girl on the street and ask her to strip for you and expect results. It helps to establish a connection with the girl you want to be with, and that extends to cam girls as well. Make the effort to get to know her and make her happy by complimenting her and your cam experience will be greatly improved for it.

Keeping It Classy Will Get Her Attention

Compliments aren’t always easy, especially if you are watching a cam model take off her clothes for you. It can be difficult to know what you should be saying to her that she will actually take as a compliment instead of an insult. Just because a girl is taking off her clothes and playing with herself on camera does not mean that you should be gross about it. By avoiding being crass or condescending, you avoid looking like you are part of a sex cam site scam to get free things. Being polite and classy will also make her less nervous about being on cam and doing sexy things for you, and she will probably start to favor you over the other guys on the site.

One way to be classy is to focus on her as a person rather than particular body parts. Tell her how beautiful and sexy she is to start with, and then move on to more specific things. It may take some time to butter her up and make her happy with your compliments, but it will definitely be better than if you mindlessly compliment her boobs and nothing else.

Don’t Make It Creepy

"Don't compliment her boobs. Try complimenting her earrings"

“Don’t compliment her boobs. Try complimenting her earrings” 

Even if your compliment seems classy enough to you, it can still wind up sounding really creepy. You might not even realize that it sounds strange, but cam girls can be quite sensitive about this kind of thing and she probably will not appreciate it. You may even wind up getting kicked out of the chat for no apparent reason – but there is always a reason, and it may very well be that you were being creepy without realizing it. You should never get too insanely specific with your compliments, since this can wind up being a very big warning sign for her. Never make it all about you, either. Tell her how good she is at what she does, but never say gross things about how you want to take her back to your place. A girl on cam needs to have her privacy, and once she gets off cam she doesn’t want to be thinking about the creepy things that you said. Obviously, there are certain boundaries you shouldn’t be crossing.

Don’t go off on a detailed tangent about fantasies about her. Try not to mention her in a context outside of the current show she’s putting on – like how much you want her to be your girlfriend or wife. If it would creep you out if somebody said it to you, then it is probably not a good idea to say it to her under any circumstances. Being creepy can get you kicked from the chat quickly if she’s sensitive, but even if she doesn’t kick you she may just start ignoring you.

What Compliments to Avoid/

"Make sure you don't regret giving her a compliment"

“Make sure you don’t regret giving her a compliment” 

Just like in real life, there are things you should avoid saying to cam girls. Certain compliments are going to go over badly and you won’t wind up getting anything useful out of the effort you put into the situation. Don’t compliment her in a negative way, or mention anything about her weight or figure that might not be a complete compliment. Never use derogatory terms when you talk to her, and certainly never call her a camwhore. It’s important to be polite and accepting of her even if you might think poorly of webcam models to begin with. It isn’t really your place to judge her, after all, since you’re the one on the website watching her anyway.

You should also be careful about how you compliment her. Do not give compliments while also asking for something at the same time, as this looks like you are trying to scam cam site performers. Take time to praise her and compliment her, but never follow it up immediately with your request. You may want to take things a bit slower and tell her how much you would like to see her do something else, but don’t do it at the same time or she might feel like you’re not being genuine. It’s important that she think you’re being genuine so that she can actually feel good about the compliment instead of feeling like she’s being used. It’s a bit strange, but once you figure it out you will be totally fine. If you are looking for some real sex shows online, then click and find the best live sex cam sites.

The Facts about Brazilian Blowouts

“The Brazilian blowout process can make your hair appear naturally straight”

We are always looking for the next big beauty treatment. That wrinkle cream that reverses years of aging. A pill that will tighten skin or a salve that removes age spots surface every few months only to turn out to be another bitter disappointment or an overpriced, minimally active product. The newest craze, Brazilian Blowouts, is making large claims as a hair straightening treatment. Halle Barry and Nicole Kidman are just two of the Hollywood A-list who have touted the benefits of this treatment. While that can be a good sign it doesn’t always point to a product that will work well and safely for the masses, especially if the high-priced celebrity version of the treatment is “cheapened” to be more accessible for public use. The Brazilian Blowout is marketed to people who have trouble attaining the stick-straight styles so popular today. Ethnic hair, frizzy, excessively wavy and curly hairtakes some major effort to straighten out. The process often damages the scalp and takes a lot out of the hair. What makes the Brazilian Blowout so intriguing is it claims to make those impossible hair types stick straight without any damage to the scalp and skin by employing a Keratin base.

So, you may ask, what’s the catch? Indeed. There’s always a catch when something is just too good to be true, and for many women who have struggled with unruly hair their whole life, the Brazilian Blowout is just that. For one thing, it’s pricey. A Brazilian Blowout can cost anywhere from $300 to $500. It must also be repeated every three to four months or so. The real hidden issue, however, is in the active ingredients. A human carcinogen, formaldehyde, is an active ingredient in the Brazilian Blowout products. That’s not all. The potentially harmful chemicals; methylene oxide, paraform, formic aldehyde, methanol, methylene glycol, formalin, oxomethane, oxymethylene and CAS Number 50-00-0 are also included in the treatment.

Stylist Demystifies Brazilian Blowout in Echo Park

“Consult a professional stylist”

“All of these Brazilian Blowout chemicals are safe to use on hair, in fact I use them on my own hair on a regular basis,” explains Kim Cohen, owner of Rock Paper Salon in Echo Park, “As long as the stylist is trained and knowledgeable.” Formaldehyde modifies, keratins; the proteins in our hair. Its use reverts hair to a very soft, pliable straight state. The effects are so desirable the process has become mainstream with clients at young as 11 getting the treatment. The best way to find out about the dangers of a Brazilian Blowout is to ask a stylist in Echo Park. A licensed professional can answer your questions directly and explain how the advantages and disadvantages effect your specific hair type. Once you’re confident in your salon and your stylist’s abilities, you’ll be able to get a fantastic, shiny, straight Brazilian Blowout in Echo Park.

“Go to a salon that is certified in a Brazilian blowout treatment”

The trouble began in Oregon when stylists in a specific salon started to experience respiratory problems, nose bleeds and swollen eyesafter performing several Brazilian Blowout treatments. An enquiry by the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) resulted in a report and several public alerts. Their investigation showed many salons have poorly mixed treatment solutions containing excess formaldehyde which caused health issues. The key is going to a salon that is certified in the treatment and uses the correct percentages of chemicals in the solutions. The FDA has released a statement saying they are monitoring the situation and will act when and if the need arises. The treatments are currently legal and billed as safe.

The results are nothing short of amazing. Frizzy, kinky and perpetually knotted hair becomes amazingly silky and tangle-free. The manufacturer claims the product actually improves the condition of the hair and causes no damage whatsoever. Curly hair is left as smooth, slick ringlets that straighten with a fraction of the time and effort it usually takes. Straight hair becomes glossy, smooth and ribbon-like. It also adds a spectacular luster that never goes unnoticed. There are risks if not performed properly, as with many beauty treatments and other things in life. There are also several safety precautions to minimize the chance for trouble. The risks are worth it to many clients who feel as long as all safety precautions are followed, it’s worth the risk.

Kids Vs. Technology

Without a doubt, kids today are smarter than we have been at their age 30 – 40 years ago. My kids ages 4 and 5 can actually singlehandedly maneuver my desktop and my touchscreen cellphone for their most favorite games, camera, and music. Surprisingly, they are a computer literate compared to those who are double their ages. The fact that they are aware of the technologies brought by time can somehow make me think: should I feel amused or should I be worried? Being tech-comfy has absolutely thousands of benefits as a child grows up. But always, as in always, every good side has its bad side.

The Downsides

The rationale of our kids playing with their iPads while we are busy talking to clients in a restaurant or while they wait for us from our office are very much understandable since we don’t want to be disturbed from time to time. But recent studies confirmed that technology savvy kids are more prone to obesity and insomnia due to lack of physical activity and fewer hours of sleep because of being hooked on social media and online games. Also, the world that they are absorbing through themselves may not be a healthy one as such social media are conducive to bullying and worse – pornography.

The Upsides


Technology vs. Kids: An Expert Guide to Online Safety

Younger and younger kids are aware of how technology works nowadays. Parents also use this to their advantage. Take for example a cellphone. We negate the fact that a preschooler should have a cellphone with them during school days. Parents see this as a tool for emergencies quick calls or just check out on how they are doing and where they are at the time of the call. This is all for safety reasons. Computers also would come in handy at home since school projects are now based on searching the web. It saves the child from going to internet cafes where it might not be safe for their age.

What’s best for the kids?

It might be safe to assume that technology is okay for the kids to use just as long as it suits their ages. Parental restriction is still needed to some that might contain something not conducive to their understanding. Also, there should be limitation to the hours that they are using them. It doesn’t have to be handed to them 24 hours a day even if they are just safely tucked at your home. Using these gadgets should always come with a rule – for a kid that is.


Technology vs. Kids: An Expert Guide to Online Safety

 Working parents are the most benefited of what technologies can do whether it be communication, educational or entertainment. All things have their bad or good. But if imposed with restrictions, maybe this technology could help kids be better than the previous generation. Holding firm to these rules at home despite all the objections is helpful to balance out their time on what is really important in their lives.

Some Signs You’re Still In Love With Your Ex

Break-ups are among the extremely devastating events one can ever experience. Some people can easily move on but others simply can’t. Some take too long before finally moving on with their lives, but there are also those who never had the chance to move on from the heart wrenching experience. There are factors and signs that will tell if you are definitely not over with your ex.

5 Signs you are Still Not Over Your Ex

  1. Stalking his Facebook page

If you always check his status on Facebook and look for updates about you, then you’re totally not over him yet. You are constantly checking on his status, looking each pictures of him, and checking if he’s into other girls. You are from time to time visiting his Facebook account for you to know the updates about his life like who’s with him today.

girl alone in a pub

Are You Still in Love with Your Ex?

  1. You’re getting jealous of someone.

If you see him go out with some other girl and feel jealous about it then you are not totally over him yet. If you are jealous, it’s clear that you still care for him.

  1. You frequently look at his pictures.

If you are keeping all your pictures together, or his personal pictures, it is a sign that you’re definitely not over him yet. This means that you still cares for him and still love him.

  1. You’re keeping his presents.

If you’re keeping all his present, and is frequently looking for it, then you’re still in love with him. Presents can make you remember him, and that is why you are still keeping them.


5 Signs You Still Love Your Ex

  1. You can’t change your relationship status.

If it feels hard for you to change your relationship status on your Facebook page from “in a relationship” to “single”, it is a sign that you are still not over your ex.

Try to Move On

Break-ups are hard, but this may help you have a whole new life ahead of you. If you’re not really meant to be, then there is no point in making it work. Be positive about things like this, in time the right person will come to you and make you happy the way you deserve to be happy. Never let all the negativities of break-ups ruin your wonderful life. Be strong and learn from all your mistakes and live your life happier than before.

Try Not to Fail Again

Although you’re still in love with your ex, it is good if you try to move on. There still lots of things ahead of you. Time will come; you’ll be ready to love again. You have all the chances the world can offer for you to love and be loved over and over again. Set things straight and be over it.

Crossfit – What You Need To Know About This New Workout Craze

People love to look fit and fabulous and they are usually inclined to the routine that they think is more effective than others. Because of this inclination, they usually try anything new, thinking that this is the workout program that would work for them. One of the latest craze in workout routine is CrossFit and a lot of people have claimed that this is the best workout program to date. Before you decide to enroll in CrossFit sessions, here are some things you need to know.

CrossFit gym has no mirrors

Their gym setup is different from the usual fitness gym that you see anywhere. Instead of the mirrors that you usually see in the gym, CrossFit gyms have none. You won’t be able to flex your muscles in front of the mirror. There may be reasons behind this setup. Other people are not fond of mirrors and they hate to see themselves in the mirror because they are not confident on how they look. Also instead of focusing on your muscles, you will focus on the routines that you are performing.

CrossFit routines is not for the faint of heart


CrossFit: Drop pounds in no time with the newest exercise craze

There are many people who choose the workout routines that will fit their pace. They will usually quit if they can’t keep up with the pace. They find the routines too fast and will make this a reason to quit. There are also those that find the pace too slow and they are looking for routines that are physically-demanding and challenging. If you expect a light pace in CrossFit, then you might be wrong. CrossFit will give you the most challenging routines that will demand physical prowess. You will never get comfortable in CrossFit because the program was really designed to make you sweat. If you are looking for the most challenging routines, then this is the place to go and the right program to enroll in.

CrossFit may be too expensive for others

There are those who really find the rate of CrossFit sessions too expensive. This is because the workout routine is new and they are still looking to compensate for their business capital. However, these customers say that they can get the same results from another program yet they pay only a much lower price. If you plant to enroll in CrossFit, you may need to shell out a big amount but if you know that the results would be great, and then the money that you spend is all worth it.


Women’s CrossFit Workout


Don’t be blinded by the advertisements and the word of mouth of some workout routines. While others try the different products, there are those that enroll on the programs just because it is the latest. This might be a waste of money especially if you will not like CrossFit routines. Investigate first on the routines before making any decisions. Ask from other customers who were also able to try and ask for pointers on how to be successful in that program.

5 Ways To Save On Your Energy Bills

As the world gets more progressive, more machines and devices are also being used at home. From efficient lights to reliable air cooling and heating devices, everything uses energy. The energy that your home uses right now is almost twice, if not thrice, a family in the 90’s would consume. In order to save on energy and save the earth, you must reduce energy consumption. This isn’t only good for the environment, but also for your pocket. Here are 5 ways to reduce your energy bills:

1. Avoid using standby power from devices

Most people are lazy in unplugging devices. They tend to leave their devices on standby because they believe that they will turn on the device every now and then. People are just contented in leaving the devices plugged, not knowing that it still uses up energy even if it’s not turned on. This is what experts call as standby power. It will do you good if you unplug the device when not in use.


The five quickest ways to save money on your energy bills

2. Air dry your plates and clothes

Most households use the dryer to dry their wet clothes or dishes. They are unaware that using a dryer will raise energy consumption to 20 percent. This is pretty huge just for a simple task. If you have just washed your clothes or dishes, it is best that you air dry it to save energy.

3. Switch to compact fluorescent light

If you are still using an incandescent bulb, now is the right time to switch to a compact fluorescent light. You should ditch the incandescent as both bulbs can give you the same quality of light but you use lesser energy with the CFL. Also, compact fluorescent bulbs have longer lifespans than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

4. Secure a thermostat with timer

Heating devices are very important to keep you warm when you are at home. However, they use up too much energy. In order to adjust your energy consumption, it is best that you buy a thermostat with timer. You can program it to turn off the heater if there is no one at home and heat up 30 minutes before you arrive home.

5. Choose devices that have the Energy Star logo


5 Ways to Reduce Your Northern Virginia Energy Bills This Summer

Manufacturers have become more conscious of the environment these days. Companies have developed devices that are energy efficient and can help you save on energy bills. You can check your devices and see if they have the Energy Star logo. If you see an equipment or device with this logo, you are sure that the device is energy-efficient.

Energy is a very important resource in the world. There are some types of energy that are not renewable, so we should do our part in conserving it. You can do this by reducing energy consumption at home and end up with lesser energy bills.

How To Be An Effective Home-Based Business Consultant

Nowadays, more and more people are earning real cash from doing online jobs. Many online workers have proven this and they have enjoyed earning online from the comforts of their homes. These individuals vary on the jobs they do but one of the most promising online career is being a home-based business consultant.

Many online marketers have tried this line of career and many of them have become very successful. Most of these individuals are business experts who have expanded their career by giving helpful tips to those people who are still new in the business industry.

What Makes Being a Business Consultant a Promising Online Career?


business consulting

It is undeniable that people nowadays are thinking of ways to become more productive. Even those who have stable jobs are still trying to generate more income by starting their own businesses.

These individuals are the target clients of a business consultant. Since these people have no knowledge to make a good start in their business career, they need guidance and expert advices from those business professionals. This makes the job of being a consultant a rewarding online career because of the number of prospective clients.

Who Are Qualified to Be Online Business Consultants

It is necessary to have enough knowledge on the business industry if you will start this career. Remember that you will be giving advices to the newbie individuals who have less to no idea on how to manage a business. What would you give and share if you have no own experience on that field?

Great Home-Based Business Ideas

Aside from that, your clients would expect so much from you. You are expected to be well versed on every tip that you will share because this would be the foundation knowledge of your clients. You will be the source of what steps they would take in starting their business career. With best business consultancy services you can give, you will become one of the reasons of their success.

Building Their Business and Your Own Business

Providing your clients with best consultancy services will not just help build up their career but also your own. If you are able to establish strong business relationship with your customers, you are also building your reputation in your chosen field of endeavor.

By doing this, not only your customers could have the chance to be successful in business but also yourself. Just by learning from your own experiences and sharing to those individuals who need business directions; enjoying your job from the comforts of your home makes your career a key to your success as an individual.

This is one great way of sharing the knowledge earned from hard work. At the same time, you can continue earning from it. Being a home-based business consultant is never a difficult job to do as long as you have the passion to help other business enthusiasts who might want to follow your steps in reaching success.